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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:54 PM

Slam Dunk: Mitsui Hisashi

Name: Mitsui Hisashi
A.k.a.: Mit-chin, Mitchi, Man of Fire
Age: 17 - 18
Birthday: May 22nd
Highschool: Shohoku Highschool
Junior High: Takeishi junior high
Year: 3rd
Class: 3
Height: 184 cm (6'0 ½)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs.)
Position: shooting guard (SG)
Jersey no.: 14
Shoe Brand: Asics
Voice actor: Okiayu Ryotaro

Family and background:
Mitsui lives with his parents, it's likely that he's only child. In junior high his team was in the district finals of the Inter Junior Highschool competition. In the final minute his team was one point behind, when he tried to steal the ball it went out. At that moment he felt that there was no chance for his team anymore, but Anzai walked upon him and while handing him the ball he said the words that would change his life forever: "Don't ever give up hope until the very last moment. If you give up the game is already over." Mitsui managed to steal the ball in the remaining seconds and hit the buzzer beater. He would be chosen MVP of Junior High.

The highschool basketball teams were probably in the row asking him to join their teams, but Mitsui chose to attend Shohoku Highschool, joining Anzai's basketball team. He showed his already incredible abilities: he just finished junior high, but his skills were already better than a lot of highschool players! However, during a training Mitsui suffered a severe injury to his left knee and was hospitalized. He insisted to play although he wasn't fully recovered yet; he wanted to make it to the district games so badly. But he injured his hurt knee again and at the first day of the games he still wasn't able to walk. He couldn't handle that disappointment and from that day on Mitsui wasn't seen on the court again. He joined a group of local delinquents and quit basketball.

In his 3rd year of highschool he gets into fights with another juvenile Ryota Miyagi who is also member of the basketball team. Mitsui and his gang go to the training court to cause trouble so that the basketball team would be dismissed according to Shohoku's rules. Akagi and Kogure were the only ones who knew about his past. Even his delinquent friends knew nothing about Mitsui's b-ball past. Mitsui refused to talk about it and kept fighting, but when Anzai-sensei appeared Mitsui broke down in tears as he remembered all the great moments he had as a basketball player and the things he wanted to do for Anzai's team. He finally spoke up his memorable line: "I want to play basketball." Soon he cut off his long hair and joined the team. (Read the post on this topic on our blog.)

Special abilities:
Mitsui is a very talented shooter, especially his 3-pointers are a great weapon. He needs little time to fire a very accurate shot. Due to his two-year absence from the court, he lacks physical shape. When he faces a very capable guard, he can't finish the game. But Mitsui is an incredible fighter and never gives up until he literally collapses.

Mitsui is not just a good shooter, he is also a very good guard who is able stop marvelous forwards such as Fukuda. He has keen senses and is an intelligent player, he knows the game of basketball so well. In one of the trainings Mitsui guards Sakuragi and immediately finds his weaknesses, but he was also able to show Sakuragi himself what he was lacking.

Coach Anzai describes Mistui as someone who once walked down the wrong path, but still is intelligent and possessing a great weapon.

Special features:
Mitsui still wears a knee protection bandage around his left knee. He also has a mark left from his delinquent life, which is a little scar on the left of his chin. His jersey number is quite unique too.

Mitsui is a very cool guy. He has in contrary to the others a very sad past, he wasted two years of his basketball life and regrets that with a lot of pain. He never shows his anger and sadness though, always trying to solve problems on his own. He is a proud and independent player who is willing to give everything for the game. He shows respect to players that are capable, but he will even disregard seniors if they are no good. Not really a nice guy on the court... But I believe that he's a very good and loyal friend.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: Mitsui probably is my second favorite Slam Dunk character, he has a sad past and tries to work that out. Due to his two years of absence his physical shape is far from great, and every time he finds himself not being able to play the whole game he gets angry with himself. He feels so much sorrow for his choice of leaving the game and tries to chase back the time he wasted. You have to respect his incredible mental strength, the guy just doesn't know how to quit. He has the impossible ability to keep hitting 3-pointers while he can hardly stand on his feet!

Vincent: Mitsui is a person you have to respect, mentally he is unbreakable, his 3-pointers are unbeatable. So is he invincible? The answer is no. His major weakness is his poor stamina. In those 2 years he left basketball he hadn't been able to train his stamina, so in this part a lot of people just outclass him. But even when he is in poor condition, he shoots his 3 pointers with deadly aim. The only moment when Mitsui is harmless is when he faints...

Rukie: Among the Shohoku team members Mitsui is, along with Rukawa and Sakuragi, the most talented player. As said above Mitsui has keen senses for this game, I think he won't go to college at all (he doesn't get good grades anyway), he might choose to become an assistant coach, so he can work side by side with the one he respects so much: Anzai-sensei. I think he won't let any chance to play basketball or being related to the game in any way slip away once more.

Vincent: Mistui is a fantastic player, he is not only a sharpshooter, in a one-on-one situation he can surpass an above average guard with ease, on top of that, he is an excellent guard. What more do you want?!

Rukie: Kogure and Anzai said that Mitsui is still so angry with himself that he pictures the past as perfect and as the top of his basketball carreer. He might hate the present because he knows his shortcomings, but actually the Mitsui now is already stronger than the Mitsui of Junior High. When he realizes, he'll be able to regain his full confidence. I think in some way he isn't able to leave the past behind and move on, but perhaps his strenght is also based on this anger about the past and his inner conflicts.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: This won't be easy, because Mitsui has many memorable moments... Well the first one to mention should be his incredible performance in Shohoku vs Shoyo. The team was behind, and he was totally exhausted, but he suddenly felt the fire in him burn again and remembered the finals of Junior High that turned him into MVP. In the anime many scenes of him meeting his Shohoku team mates came past with the marvelous song (and also my all time favorite anime song) "Until The World Comes To An End" in the background. He hit a few marvelous and also critical 3-pointers and played a key role in Shohoku's 62-60 win over Shoyo. He got 17 points in this game. (they say 20 pts, but I counted them, it's really 17).

Vincent & Rukie: His almost impossible performance in Sannoh vs Shohoku. He was already very tired from the first half, but he kept going in the second half. He could hardly stand, let alone playing defense... All he could do is shooting the ball for three. When Shohoku was 5 points behind with less than 1 minute on the clock, he made a wonderful four-point play by hitting a 3-pointer, getting fouled and hitting his free throw. In this game he got over 20 points.

Rukie: The flash backs of him being in Junior High. That was a very important thing in his life, that's how he became MVP and went to Shohoku high to join Anzai's team. He had so much talent, he was so devoted to play and to win...

In Ryonan vs Shohoku he is too exhausted to go on and collapses on the court. Later he would be sitting on the stairs in the hallway, 1st year Kawata bought him two cans of energy drink and when Mitsui was alone again and barely had enough strength to open the can, he cried realizing he had wasted so much time.

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "I want to play basketball."

"I'm Mitsui Hisashi... Someone who will never give up."

"Please be quiet. This sound wakes me up... It always works." (referring to the swish sound of the net)

"This guy always thinks he's the best, he's annoying, doesn't like to talk and has no respect for others, but he really is strong." (on Rukawa)

Vincent: "Who am I? Tell me who I am..."

"HAHAHA! 3 - 2! I win!!"