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Jun 22, 2018 - 01:29 AM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Yusuke Tech

Yusuke is one of the main characters in the series. He doesn't have any strong points, nor any real weakpoints. In other words, an good overall fighter. And we have to mention, he has a very very hard head!!

Here are the techniques Yusuke uses in the Anime (and Manga) which require reiki.

Name : Rei Gan
Kanji : 靈丸
AA - Translation : Spirit Gun
Funimation : Tell us

This is the first technique Yusuke learns, it was Koenma who taught him this skill. Reiki will gather in the tip of Yusuke's finger, then when he thinks he gathered enough reiki, he can fire the shot at the target as a bullet-like object. In the beginning of the story, Yusuke had only enough reiki to fire 4 shots in one day. Although he will get more reiki, this amount still stays, but the power of every shot is much and much stronger. At the end of the story Yusuke can fire rei guns rapidly, which is very cool :P

More info about this technique

Name:Rei Kou Ha (Shotgun)
AA - Translation:Spirit Light Wave (Shotgun)
Funimation:Tell us

Reiki is gathered in the fist and will be released in a wide range, like a shogun, in the form of fists or beams. According to us, the fists have a greater chance to hit the target but it's weaker, while the beams have greater power but it has less accuracy. This technique is part of the Rei Kou Ha Dou Ken, a fighting technique, mastered by Genkai.

More info about this technique

Name: Rei Kou Dan
Kanji: 靈光弾
AA - Translation: Spirit Light Bullet
Funimation: Tell us

Like the shotgun, this technique requires the user to gather reiki in the fist and then release it at will. The user can use all of its reiki in just one blow, the resulting power is devastading when the hit is delivered directly to the opponent. Yusuke used this technique for the first time at the Dark Tournament.

More info about this technique