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Jun 22, 2018 - 01:31 AM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Kuwabara Tech

Kuwabara is born with an exceptional gift, he is super sensitive to things related to spirits and ki. He sees "dead" people all the time and has a large amount of reiki right at the start. Kuwabara may not be the most skilled fighter compared with the other main characters, but he is most likely the most courageous one (courageous or stupid, thin line, thine line...).

Here are his reiki skills:

Name : Rei Ken
Kanji : 靈劍
AA - Translation : Spirit Sword
Funimation : Tell us

This is the first technique Kuwabara got. Kuwabara materializes his reiki and forms a solid sword. This sword is capable of slicing through almost everything. When Kuwabara gets more skilled with it, he can make his sword more flexible, like strechting and bending it.

More info about this technique

Name:Rei Ken - Nitouryuu
Kanji:靈劍 - 二刀流
AA - Translation:Spirit Sword - Twinblade Style
Funimation:Tell us

Another variation of its Rei Ken, this time he uses two sword at the same time. He used itin his fight against Rinku during the Dark Tournament. Can't remember he used again later.

Name: Tameshi no Ken
Kanji: 驗之劍
AA - Translation: Experimental Sword
Funimation: Tell us

The Experimental sword was given to Kuwabara by Suzuki, former leader of team Uraogi. This sword will drain ki from its user and grow like a living creature and can take many forms to fit its users needs.
This sword can dramatically increase the power of its user, giving it a boost in offense as well as in defense.

More info about this technique

Name : Rei Shuriken
Kanji : 靈手裏劍
AA - Translation : Spirit Hand Hidden Blade
Funimation : Tell us

Kuwabara used this skill once in the series and once in an OVA. Kuwabara materialize his reiki again, but this time in shuriken form; best described as throwing blades. The shuriken has a wide range and deals quite some damage, but it consumes a lot of reiki.

Name : Jigen Tou
Kanji : 次元刀
AA - Translation : Dimension Blade
Funimation : Tell us

A more powerful blade than the Rei Ken, it can cut through any barrier. In fact it's so powerful that it can cut through dimensions. It appearance is just like his normal Rei Ken but it has no diffused look.

I plays an important role in realizing Sensui's dream; opening a Gate to Ningenkai for all youkai.