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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:45 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei Tech

Hiei is the fastest of the four main characters. Intelligence is not his strongest point, neither is his strength. He does have one of the strongest technique there is. Also his swordplay is lethal, fast and accurate, most of his opponents realize they are hit when they are dead :P Although it isn't a useful technique in the series, Hiei can use his third eye aka Jagan to control lower class youkai. The real power of its Jagan is, that it will allow Hiei to use its most powerful technique. (And watch through Botan's clothes :P)

He can also turn into an ugly green monster with eyes on his body, thank heaven he only used it once. It seems that the transformation will not add anything special to Hiei's abilities than making him very disgusting.

Name : Kenjutsu
Kanji : 剣術
AA - Translation : Swordplay
Funimation : Tell us

Hiei's weapon of choice: the katana. Sharp and quick manouverable, it fits Hiei perfectly. Hiei is capable of pulling fast slices in just a fraction of time, only the flashing light is telling the viewer that Hiei is attacking.

AA - Translation:Evil Eye
Funimation:Jagan Eye

Hiei's feature: the Jagan. The Jagan is not just an eye on your forehead. His implanted Jagan can control humans and lower class youkai. In terms of rating Reikai would give them, I think E or something like that. Hiei can also use the Jagan to 'transform'. He will turn green and stuff, with eyes all over his body. Pretty ugly actually.

The real use of it, is that the Jagan can see things miles and miles away, plus it enables Hiei to use the Jao Ensatsu Ken. But that's more of a side effect I think and not a general ability of the Jagan.

Click here to read more about it

Name: Jao Ensatsu Rengokushou
Kanji: 邪王炎殺煉獄焦
AA - Translation: Evil King Blaze Killing Inferno
Funimation: Fist of the Mortal Flame

It's one of the techniques covered by the Jao Ensatsu Ken (Evil King Burn Killing technique) This skill is weakest the of the 3 Jao Ensatsu Ken skills Hiei has used. Unlike the other 2, this skill uses fire of Ningenkai.

The fists will be wrapped with fire and fierce punches will follow.


Name: Jao Ensatsu Ken
Kanji: 邪王炎殺劍
AA - Translation: Evil King Blaze Killing Sword
Funimation: Sword of the Darkness Flame

Hiei summons the fire from Makai and uses it to create a sword. The looks, the way of performing, it is almost identical to Kuwabara's Rei Ken, but it is believed that Jao Ensatsu Ken is more powerful than Rei Ken.


Name: Jao Ensatsu Kokuryuha
Kanji: 邪王炎殺黒龍波
AA - Translation: Evil King Blaze Killing Black Dragon Wave
Funimation: Dragon of the Darkness Flame

Hiei's most fearsome technique and also the strongest technique of the Jao Ensatsu Ken technique.

Normally the Black Dragon of Fire residents in Makai, but it can be lured to other places like Ningenkai, using youki (probably reiki as well) as bait. The user can now benefit from the power the Dragon posses by sending it to the target. Most enemies will disintegrate immedaitely and leaving only ash behind.

For more info about this technique