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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:57 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Minamino Shuichi Tech

Kurama's main advantage in battle is his intelligence. He will wait and see what the opponent's strength and weaknesses are and then he'll choose the best way to deal with it.

Kurama has the power to change any plant into lethal weapons, he can also control plants at his will. So all of his techniques involves plants, here are some of his lethal friends:

Name : Kagon Retsuzan Shi
Kanji : 華厳裂斬肢
AA - Translation : Limb severing petals
Funimation : Tell us

Under the influence of Kurama's youki, a rose will transform into a long whip with razor sharp thorns. Combined with this technique, it will slash everything into pieces, even rocks.


Name:Fuuka Enbujin
AA - Translation:Breezing Petals Waltz Formation
Funimation: Tell us

Many rose petals will float around Kurama, every petal is razor sharp and anyone foolish enough to enter this wall of flowers will be cut into shreds by the petals. This is a defensive skill. It can be combined with the rose whip.

Although the petals are razor sharp, the petals are very very fragile. That is the weakness of this technique.


Name: Kyuuketsu Butsu
Kanji: 吸血植物
AA - Translation: Bloodsucking plant
Funimation: Tell us

A Makai plant, it feeds itself with the blood of youkai so when it senses youkai blood it will storm to the target and suck the blood out of its victim. When it got enough blood, it will bloom...

Normally this plant only lives in Makai, but it's possible to summon this plant to Ningenkai. It does need an enormous amount of youki to accomplish this.


Name: Shimaneki Sou
Kanji: 死招き草
AA - Translation: Grass of Death
Funimation: Tell us

First Kurama will plant the seeds of this plant into the body of the victim. Then, when the roots have completely grown inside the victim's body, the leaves and flowers will burst out of the body anytime at Kurama's command.

Name: Janen Ju
Kanji: 邪念樹
AA - Translation: Tree of Sinister Thoughts
Funimation: Tell us

Like Shimaneki Sou this tree must first be planted inside the body of the victim. When it has taken over the host body, that person will hallucinate non stop. This hallucination will reflect that person's worst nightmare, this will not stop until the host dies. A horrible weapon, used on a horrible enemy.

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