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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:50 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Youko Kurama Tech

In general Youko has the same skills Shuichi Kurama has, but than better. His body is no longer human, but that of a youkai, that makes him a hell lot stronger. Kurama is now also capable of summoning demonic plants from Makai!

Name : Makai no Ojigisou
Kanji : 魔界之オジギソウ
AA - Translation : Makai Mimosa
Funimation : Tell us

The mimosa is a very special plant, it can detect movement and heat. When it does, it will retract to protect itself. While the Makai version does exactly the opposite, it will attack everything that moves or produces heat.

The plant consists of various stems, and each one of them has leaves and the end. When it's ready to attack, it will spread its leaves and expose its mouth which is filled with fangs. It will close in to its target and try to catch it with the leaves around its mouth, while the mouth will slowly consumes the victim. On top of its head, it has a small mouth, which can spray something like acid to attack its target.

Like most of the plants, Ojigisou can not move around, only the stems can move if its length allows it to.

Name: Shokuyou Shokubutsu
AA - Translation: Youkai Devouring Plant
Funimation: Tell us

A plant from Makai which loves youkai meat. Its saliva consists a strong acid, which can easily dissolve bones, no living creature will survive a bite of this dangerous plant. Although this plant is very dangerous, Youko shows its inhuman power by controlling this plant with ease.

This plant only has stems and every stem has a mouth.

Name: Juryou Youzanken
Kanji: 樹靈妖斬拳
AA - Translation: Tree Spirit - Demon Killing Strike
Funimation: Tell us

Rose whips are strangled around the user's arm, creating some kind of glove with sharp thorns. The 'glove' ends with a sharp point. Only used against one enemy in the Youko form. Shuichi also used it once.

Name: Fuyouka Shokubutsu
Kanji: 浮葉科之魔界植物
AA - Translation: Floating Plant Species from Makai
Funimation: Tell us

A butterfly-like enhancement which grants its user to defy gravity. It is attached to the back of its user and looks like real wings. Its strength is capable of transporting more people, however the flying capabilites will decrease due to the weight.

Kurama didn't use this plant to attack in the Anime nor Manga, but in the Super Nintendo game: Yu Yu Hakusho - Tokubetsu Hen, this technique is used to attack the opponent. While flying in the air, Kurama will shoot dart-like feathers at its foe.

Minamino Shuichi might not be as strong as Youko Kurama is, but he is still very strong.

Check out his skills here.