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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:54 PM

Slam Dunk: Maki Shinichi

Name: Maki Shinichi
A.k.a.: Kanagawa's no.1 player, Monster, King Maki, Old Man
Age: 17 - 18
Birthday: Unknown
Highschool: Kainan University Affiliated Highschool
Junior High: Tell us!
Year: 3rd
Height: 184 cm (6'0 ½)
Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs.)
Position: point guard (PG)
Jersey no.: 4
Shoe Brand: Converse
Voice actor: Egawa Hisao

Family and background:
Maki is the no.1 player of Kanagawa, his posture is like a massive bunch of energy and muscles. It's easy to see that Maki has trained very well to get in shape like that. He also carries the nick "Monster", he probably got that one because of his incredible power and ability. He's definitely the ace player of Kainan. His biggest rival till now has to be Fujima of Shoyo High, but he has never lost to Fujima. And yet he also has a new challenger: Sendoh Akira.

Special abilities:
Maki is a very all-round player. Although he plays the position of a point guard he has the strength and scoring ability to play as forward. He is a nice shooter and is also an excellent rebounder. With his strength he can go inside and score under the board, and with his incredible speed and nice passes he is a good point guard.

Maki is also the most important player of the team, he's the one who sets up the offenses and also the one who can make the scores at the critical moments. That's why Anzai used four players (Akagi, Mitsui, Rukawa and Miyagi) to defend this marvelous player. Ryonan's coach Taoka though fully trusted Sendoh's ability and let him defend Maki one-on-one.

After the district games Maki was chosen MVP of Kanagawa (again), which also makes him one of the five top players of Kanagawa along with Akagi, Rukawa, Sendoh and his teammate Jin.

Special features:
He looks much older than his actual age. I think his tanned skin color and muscular body are his characteristics.

Maki is a very cool person, he has a very strong personality. Despite his great abilities and his no.1 player title, he's kind to most people, except for arrogant people with an attitude. He shows respect for players like Sendoh and Akagi: ones that are able to show true leadership. He recognizes good players like Rukawa and Akagi.

As an undeniable leader Maki is able to make executive decisions at the critical moments, when the team needs him he's ready to pull the team through. That's why he respects Sendoh so much, he recognizes a lot of himself in the Genius.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: In the beginning I didn't like Maki that much, he seemed an arrogant bastard, but as the story went on I found out that Maki is really a stunning player. Very capable and very cool. I think he deserves one other nick as well: Power Point Guard, i guess he's the only SD character who's able to carry that name. Btw, he has much better looks later on than his first appearances.

Vincent: First I just thought that Maki was a overclassed bastard, but when I look back, that guy is just unbelievable good. The power, the speed, the experience. He is definitely the best of Kanagawa.

Rukie: I like the chemistry between him and Sendoh, they are both super talents and carriers of their own team. Their game was called the Super Match and I agree. Who had thought that Sendoh would be capable of pushing the holy Maki to his limits? Maki is really a born leader being able to carry his whole team. Moreover, Maki knows how it is to be the captain of the ever-winning Kainan, he can't lose this title but he also has to keep himself down to earth. He is without a doubt Kanagawa's MVP. Yes I, the devoted Rukawa fan, am really saying he deserves the title more than Super Rookie does. Maki is an experienced leader and really unstoppable, Rukawa still has time to become MVP!! ;)

Vincent: When he is just standing it's already enough to put his opponent under pressure. His reputation is enough to make the whole opposing team tremble. When he is really starting to play, you can really see why he is the best of Kanagawa.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable moments:

Rukie: When Akagi got injured and Shohoku had to carry on without their captain, Kiyota said to Maki that they wouldn't need their strongest offense to beat Shohoku. Maki replied: "Do you see that banner? We haven't got that by accident. We are the strong team Kainan, we won't feel sympathy for the opponent nor underestimate them." He meant that, no matter what, they have to go for the optimal success by attacking the opponent on the weak points. That's how an ever-winning team defends its title.

Kainan had to struggle in its game vs Ryonan. In the end it became a Maki vs Sendoh game, they both showed their capabilities to lead their team to victory. At the end of the second half, Ryonan was 2 points behind and Sendoh got the ball with only a few seconds left on the clock. As Sendoh went for the basket and Maki wanted to block him, a thought crossed his mind and he let Sendoh score, so that they had to go for OT. He knew that Sendoh was letting him catching up on purpose, hoping to score and getting fouled so he could get a free throw. Maki analyzed it all in a split second and chose to play OT.

Vincent: The moment at which Maki admits that Sendoh has reached his own level.

In the match versus Ryonan, Koshino tried to block Maki's shot by fouling, but he just got hit back and Maki scored and got a free throw. That's power.

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "I really hoped I would see him on the national stage." (looking at Sendoh)

"Excuse me, but WHO are you??" (to the very arrogant Kishimoto of Toyotama)

"Who is the true ace player... Is it Sendoh or Rukawa?"

Vincent: "That person who is so difficult to handle has finally awaken, and the person who has woken him up is Uozumi."

"Sendoh watch out for Shohoku, they are difficult to beat."

"Hmm, interesting, leave number 10 to me!"