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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:33 PM

Slam Dunk: Miyagi Ryota

Name: Miyagi Ryota
A.k.a.: Lightning, Shorty, Ryo-chin
Age: 16 - 17
Birthday: July 31st
Highschool: Shohoku Highschool
Junior High: Tell us!
Year: 2nd
Class: 1
Height: 168 cm (5'6)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs.)
Position: point guard (PG)
Jersey no.: 7
Shoe Brand: Converse
Voice actor: Shioya Yoku

Family and background:
There is not much known about Miyagi's background. He might have siblings, but we can't be sure. He joined the basketball team for his love for the game in the first place. But soon it seems that he is also playing for the love of his life Ayako, the team manager. Although Ryonan's coach asked him to join the Ryonan Basketball Team, Miyagi chose for Shohoku because of Anzai. Miyagi is a problem kid, he gets into fights a lot and got himself beaten up. He was also the one who beat Mitsui up, but he had to pay the price of staying in the hospital for some time...

Special abilities:
Miyagi is quite short, but he has the greatest speed of all players mentioned in Slam Dunk. He has a great dribble and combined with his speed he's able to tear up the opponent's defense and deliver excellent (no-look) passes to the free team mate. He's also able to get a score at his own powers and his steals are just marvelous. Miyagi is a good point guard with a great sight on the game, he's also able to find his team mates without looking for them. He's the strategist of the team, and thanks to this role and his own skills he becomes the next team captain as Akagi retires to focus on exams. By the way, he is also a good street fighter and has a very good flying kick. (Mitsui told)

Coach Anzai says that Miyagi's value to the team is his great speed and his keen senses.

Special features:
His quite short length and the blue earring in his left ear. He also wears sweat bands around his left wrist. I think his hair is cool, it looks fine on him. Maybe his love for Ayako should be mentioned.

Miyagi is a smart but kinda rude person, who is only nice and sweet to Ayako... He tried to date other girls to forget Ayako, but he failed to. So he can be a very sensitive person too. In the beginning he mistook Sakuragi for Ayako's boyfriend and got into a fight with him immediately. Later when they found out about each other's painful roads of love, they feel sympathy for each other and start to get along. That's how they became good friends. Miyagi is a bit short tempered sometimes and hates when people make fun of his height. In the match vs Toyotama he gets angry with the opposing point guard, loses his view on the game and almost beats the guy. But in the second half he is able to remain calm again and show his true powers.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: Miyagi might not be the best guard of Kanagawa, but he's a very valuable player for team Shohoku, because of his great speed and accurate passes. Shohoku likes to play run and gun, and that requires such a player as Miyagi. Just like a lot of the Shohoku guys, Miyagi has not much respect for other people, that's also why he gets into trouble so much.

Vincent: Miyagi looks like a standard point guard, not very tall, fast in both speed and play. But he is more, Miyagi has the ability to analyze the play and then choose the best way to lay this little game.

Rukie: Actually Miyagi is not a very noticable player on the court, his job for the team is really important though. His ambition is to become the no.1 guard of Kanagawa and then no.1 of Japan. There will be a long road though, knowing that Kainan's Maki and Shoyo's Fujima are the top guards. But one thing we can be sure of: he'll never give up and grow stronger and stronger.

Vincent: True, he is IMO also not the best guard there is, but he can manage against these two top guards I think that proves he is not just an ordinary guard. Besides Miygai doesn't have to be like Maki en Fujima, he is not in the team for scoring, while Maki and Fujima are. His role is to bring up the best of his fellow players.

Rukie: I really hope for him that he will win Ayako's heart, he deserves her. And I think that Ayako likes him a lot, I mean she's not a rock, she knows very well how he feels about her. And I'm very sure that Miyagi will do everything to protect her.

Vincent: I think so too.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: In Shohoku vs Shoyo he had a good performance and showed how deadly his speed was. Then he points his finger out to Fujima challenging him for a game. Yeah, he's proud and confident.

In Sannoh vs Shohoku Ayako wrote down the words "No.1 Guard" on his hand during one of the time outs, it meant a lot to him.

In the beginning of Ryonan vs Shohoku Sakuragi caused a very stupid turnover and Ryonan's Koshino was going for a simple lay up. Miyagi ran after him and with his incredible speed he was just in time to deliver a marverlous block on the poor guy!

Also in Ryonan vs Shohoku: in the second half he was setting up a fast break with Rukawa and Hanamichi, Sendoh tried to stop them. But to everyone's surprise Miyagi didn't pass the ball, passed Sendoh with his great speed and went for the basket himself to get the score.

Vincent: The "alley oop" versus Sannoh, that was cool, Miyagi lost the ball but stole it back, then he passed the ball to Sakuragi and he dunked it in mid air, just to cool ;)

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "It doesn't matter how many will leave. Isn't five players exactly enough to form a team?"

"How can you people forget. There's also a no.1 guard of Kanagawa over here. No, no.1 guard of Japan that is!"

"Mitsui... You are the one who can't forget about the past."


Vincent: "It's true, We're geniuses!"