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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:34 PM

Slam Dunk: Akagi Takenori

Name: Takenori Akagi
A.k.a.: Gori, Gorilla, captain of Shohoku
Age: 17 - 18
Birthday: May 10th
Highschool: Shohoku Highschool
Junior High: Kitamura Junior Highschool
Year: 3rd
Class: 6
Height: 197 cm (6'5½)
Weight: 90 kg (198 lbs.)
Position: center (C)
Jersey no.: 4
Shoe Brand: Converse
Voice actor: Yanada Kiyoyuki

Family and background:
Akagi lives with his parents and Haruko, they have a good family bond. He has always loved to play basketball, but is not very talented. In his years of junior high and the first years of senior high he practised very hard and due to his devotion and training he has become one of the best centers of the country.

Special abilities:
Akagi is an outstanding center. He is that kind of player that doesn't really have much talent, but does have potential and he has trained very very hard to get to the top. His two-handed dunk called Gori-dunk (yeah Sakuragi's idea) is his trade mark scoring. He's not a very good shooter and won't hit from outside the bucket. Akagi has great defensive play, I don't even remember how many block shots he has had!! In his first year of highschool he really sucked at free throws and dribbling, but he got some major improvements over the years, fortunately...

Akagi is also a very good rebounder; with Sakuragi on his side they can get like 75% of the rebounds. Besides, Akagi is also a very defensive player, his blocks are just frightening! As a team captain he provides the team the mental support and discipline.

He was chosen one of the five best players of Kanagawa, the other four were teammate Rukawa, Sendoh, Maki and Jin. He was also approached by a well-known Sports University to join their team, but he had to prove himself by reaching the quarterfinals in the IH tournament. Unfortunately, Shohoku lost in the third round.

And in contrary to the other Shohoku members (well except Kogure) Akagi happens to be a top student. Outstanding in English as well as physics, it's just unbelievable.

Special features:
Although he's Japanese, his looks are very different from an ordinary Japanese guy...

Akagi has a very serious and angry look on his face most of the times, but this guy actually is very soft hearted. His love for basketball is incredible, his ultimate dream is to win the IH tournament. In his first and second year of highschool, he hasn't had reliable and capable team members, but the situation changes after when rookies Rukawa and Sakuragi join the team and soon also the return of Miyagi and junior high MVP Mitsui. Thanks to his own efforts and these marvelous team mates he finally gets the chance to prove himself on the IH stage. Akagi is a very determined person who won't give up easily.

He has always dreamt of a match up against Kainan, but during that district game he injured his ankle, but he insisted to play the second half, although he might not being able to walk anymore. He just had to grab the chance to play Kainan, no matter what.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: I think Akagi has fought for his position all his (bball)life. As I said, he's not a talented player, but he worked really hard. He sucked at free throws, but improved a lot. I respect the way he worked for his goal. Also, I like the friend and foe relationship between him and Uozumi; I think they have a lot of respect for each other but these tough guys won't admit. Uozumi was also the one who encouraged Akagi to beat Maki in the game Kainan vs Shohoku. He also went to see Shohoku play Sannoh and gave Akagi some important advice.

Vincent: Remarkable is the game Shohoku vs Ryonan when Akagi and Uozumi were still second years, Shohoku lost as a team, but Akagi won as a center, he completely defeated Uozumi. When a team has to play Shohoku, they'll triple team Akagi, because the rest of the team sucks anyway. I think that proves that Akagi is a very good player.

Rukie: I wonder why Haruko and her brother look SO different....

Vincent: Maybe different parent(s)?

Rukie: It's also said that Akagi kinda looks like Patrick Ewing. Well, the faces look quite alike and their body shape also has some similarities: tall and slender. But it's not very surprising of course, I mean Mr. Inoue has to get his inspirations from somewhere!!

Vincent: His determation for the game has driven him through two years, full of the pain and sorrow of losing, but finally he got the respect he deserves.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable moments:

Rukie: His dunk over Kainan's Kiyota, who said: "In your dreams!" while trying to block Akagi. But Akagi just slammed in a two-handed dunk and then replied: "In whose dreams?" Hehe, sweet!

He insisted to play in the second half of Kainan vs Shohoku although he was terribly injured, he had a lot of pain, but kept going. And he played the match of his life.

In the match Sannoh vs Shohoku, he realized that he had wonderful team mates he could really rely on. All those years he had been waiting for players that were as devoted as he was, players that wouldn't give up easily and players that shared the ultimate goal. He cried at the thought of having much luck to play with these team mates.

After Uozumi made him realize that personal success is not important and that his role is different from Sannoh's center Kawata. Akagi understood that, although he couldn't beat Kawata, he still had his team mates. Shohoku was still able to win!

Vincent: When Akagi thanked his teammates during the match against Sannoh, his teammates replied that they were doing it all for themselves and not for him :P

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "No matter what, I will play!! Even if I'm not able to walk anymore ever after!!"

"We're not even friends, but I really want to thank you all."

"Even if I lose, Shohoku won't lose!!"

Vincent: "I will conquer Japan!!"