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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:33 PM

Slam Dunk: Kogure Kiminobu

Name: Kogure Kiminobu
A.k.a.: Megane-kun (Glasses brother), vice-captain of Shohoku
Age: 17 - 18
Birthday: July 12th
Highschool: Shohoku Highschool
Junior High: Kitamura Junior Highschool
Year: 3rd
Class: 6
Height: 178 cm (5'10)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs.)
Position: small forward (SF)
Jersey no.: 5
Shoe Brand: Mizuno
Voice actor: Tanaka Hideyuki

Family and background:
Kogure first started playing basketball in junior high where he also met Akagi who became his good friend. His reason to join was very different from Akagi's though: he just wanted to be fit. We know nothing about his family and his friends are basically his teammates. He has known Mitsui since first grade and knows that Mitsui as MVP joined the weak Shohoku team for Anzai-sensei. He was the one who told the others about Mitsui's past during the incident with Mitsui's gang.

Special abilities:
Kogure is not a gifted player but he has trained a lot to improve his skills. He worked on the basic skills like dribbling, doing lay ups and jump shots. His three-point shot is also very nice, he proved that in the executive game against Ryonan.

Special features:
His glasses and quite handsome face.

Kogure is very easy going and peace loving. Sakuragi, Rukawa and Ryota cause a lot of trouble. And especially the rookies are in fights often, while Akagi gets mad, Kogure jumps in as the peacemaker. He knows he's not talented nor good enough to be a base player, but his devotion is as big as the others, so when he's not on the court he's always on the side line encouraging his teammates. Although he is the vice-captain of the team he is not the person who can guide nor lead the team. He gets nervos very easily and can't make hard decisions.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: I think Kogure is a good example of the average basketball player among highschool students. A lot of us might like to play basketball, but will never be as amazing as Rukawa or as talented as Mitsui or Sakuragi. Kogure though is just an ordinary player with great ambitions, he tries really hard to be a good player, but knows that he will never reach the level of his teammates.

Vincent: He takes a different role in the team, something like an assistent coach, or a mental supporter. But he is of course a player. Besides the main 5 of Shohoku, he is the best player.

Rukie: Just like all the seniors of Slam Dunk Kogure wants to have an unforgettable last year, they all want to enter the IH tournament and have a wonderful page in their book of life. Kogure doesn't want to have any regrets, he wants to give everything he has. He wants to do everything he can for the team. Hitting the 3-pointer in Ryonan vs Shohoku was the biggest moment of his life. I think he felt sad for Mitsui when his dreams scattered, but I also think he was angry, because Mitsui had all the features he hadn't and still left the team.

Vincent: He too had worked very hard, and finally he can see some results. I think he is very happy to have such great teammates, who has delivered him so much more of the game.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: I think that should be his critical score in the last minute of Ryonan vs Shohoku. Ryonan's coach decided to not pay attention to Kogure and instead he gave his players instructions to double team Akagi and Rukawa whenever they got the ball. Sakuragi passed the ball to Kogure and he hit an open three-pointer to increase the gap to 4 points.

In the last minutes of Sannoh vs Shohoku Kogure gets very emotional, he realizes that he can't be valuable to his team at that moment, so all he can do is shouting and encouraging his team.

Vincent: When he is helping Sakuragi with the jumpshot training. He told Sakuragi that the game versus Ryonan will be his last if they should lose, he really hopes that he can play basketball a little longer.

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "I'm already a senior, this will be my last year. If we don't qualify for the IH games, Ryonan's game will be my last game."

"It's impossible, but it's really true. Rukawa is exactly that kind of player."

"I've waited for their team work for years. Akagi and Mitsui."

Vincent: "I think we are really going to win."

"Akagi...I don't want to quit, cause I really like playing basketball."