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Jun 22, 2018 - 01:28 AM

Slam Dunk: Team Kainan

Kainan has been dominating the Kanagawa district for years along with second seed Shoyo. In 17 consecutive years Kainan has been able to enter the IH tournament. Last year they became a top 4 team after losing in the semi-finals (to Sannoh) and this year they even became the runner up after losing in the final. Kainan has been carrying the title "ever winning" and "royal team Kainan" for years. Although Kainan won the district finals 3-0, they had a lot of trouble defeating their opponents Ryonan with Maki's toughest match Sendoh and Shohoku with a well balanced team. The players are devoted and have discipline. Whenever they find the opponent's weak spot they will attack that point with no mercy; that's how a reigning team defends its title.

Maki is basically the core of the team and their whole play. Maki is not an ordinary point guard: he has the power of a power forward but the dribble technique and passing ability of a point guard. He is able to break down the opponent's defense and create good positions for his teammates. It's hard to stop Maki without using more than one guard.

Kainan has a nice defense, although the players aren't known for their talent, they are very capable by the hard trainings they have gone through. What they lack in talent, they compensate with physical power. They have been trained on the physical shape very well, which you can clearly see in the district finals. Ryonan is trained as well, but still Kainan was physically stronger.

If Maki is guarded well, the ball will go outside to long-range shooter Jin who has a very accurate shot. There is more than one possibility to score and that makes Kainan strong.

Weak points:
Kainan is a very well balanced team, it's hard to find weak points. I think the team's average length is a bit small. Both forwards aren't taller than 185cm. Kiyota might be able to jump very high, but still he will be easier to guard than a 185+ cm guy. The offensive power of the team basically lies in Maki's hands, the center isn't very special and the forwards aren't very good scorers. Jin is of course a marvelous scorer, but unfortunately he's only able to do three-point shots. With this knowledge, he's much easier to guard. We could clearly see that in the game vs Shohoku, when Anzai decided to use four players to guard the strong Maki and Sakuragi to guard Jin.

The team is very depending on Maki's performance, when he's guarded very well, the rest of the team isn't really able to create chances. The players aren't talented guys, but have trained really hard for their positions in the team.

#4 Maki Shinichi aka Kanagawa's no.1 player
3rd year
Point guard
184 cm, 79 kg

click here to read Maki's profile

#5 Takasago Kazuma
3rd year
191 cm, 80 kg

He is one of the top 4 guards of Kanagawa, but according to us he's not that special. He's absolutely no match for Akagi. But still, he's a reliable center and part of the Kainan team. The funny thing is that he looks a bit like Akagi.

#6 Jin Souichirou aka Kanagawa's top scorer
2nd year
Shooting Guard
189 cm, 71 kg

Jin is tall but slender, he doesn't have a good dribble nor much talent. He has no great speed, but he has discipline and trained himself to be a shooter. His 3-point shots are very precize and accurate; his movents are like silk. Jin is a good example of players that aren't gifted but trained so hard to reach the top. Jin is with 30.3 points per game in the district games top scorer of Kanagawa and also one of the five best players of Kanagawa.

#9 Mutou Tadashi
3rd year
184 cm, 75 kg

I think we know nothing about this guy, he is just a fifth member of the team, with no special abilities nor special moments in the series.

#10 Kiyota Nobunaga aka Little Monkey
1st year
178 cm, 65 kg

The one who often shouts he's the no.1 rookie and therefor seeing Rukawa as his biggest rival. When Sakuragi and he get in one scene, something hilarious will happen. He's like Sakuragi a person who won't easily have respect for others and is a loud mouthed guy. He has a good offensive play but is also a very capable guard. (not good enough to stop Rukawa of course, hehe) He is not very tall but has a geat jumping ability and is able to dunk!

#13 Miyamasu Yoshinori
3rd year
Shooting guard
162 cm, 42kg

This tiny and skinny guy was brought in to play one-on-one on Sakuragi. Kainan's coach noticed that Sakuragi was just a rookie with no experience at all, but had the ability to grow stronger when facing a strong opponent. So he sent in this guy that was no physical match to the red head. This guy wears goggles and actually has weird looks. He doesn't have a good dribble, no speed and a lousy defense, but his value lies in his long-range shot, just like Jin.

Takato Riki
Head coach

A very clever man, who has been rivals with Ryonan's coach Taoko ever since highschool. When his team is leading he is very calm, but whenever his team gets into trouble he loses his calmness and becomes furious. However, Kainan lead by him has some terrific results.