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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:40 PM

Who I Am (4) ~ Something In Your Eyes

"Shizuri," the lovely deep voice calls my name, "are you listening?"

I look aside into his dark brown eyes. He looks very handsome, especially in this half dark streets that's only lit by the dim light of the high lampposts. I can't suppress the smile on my face.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" I ask while we turn around the corner walking towards our home at the end of the street. I listen to the soft buzzing sound of the lampposts.

He raises an eyebrow and sighs while lightly shaking his head. "What is it with you today? You're here, but your head is not."

He's probably right, my thoughts were indeed somewhere else. Probably they are still at the school gym in the cold freezing energy of Rukawa Kaede, who stayed longer to practice some more. Everyone seemed to be very used to it. Except Sakuaragi yelled at him that losers indeed needed more practice...

When I think of his extraordinary performances today (only) at practice, I can't really imagine his true strength at the games. But there was something more about him, only have I not figured out yet what it was.

"I was thinking... about this rookie Rukawa. He looks kind of familiar. Which is odd, because I'm very sure I haven't met him before..." I find it hard to find the correct words to describe my thoughts.

My brother slows his pace and looks at me with a very troubled face, as if he was lightly in shock and a bit in amazement. And again, I cannot find the words to describe it.

"PLEASE tell me you're not becoming one of those girls cheering and screaming for him..."

I silence. I silence because I am least expecting such a 'request' from my brother. And I burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

Wiping the little tears of joy from my eyes with my palms and fingers I try to reply without choking in my own laughs: "Oh brother, come on, give me a little more credit, will you?! Besides, I've never been that kind of person who becomes madly fan of someone or something."

I think he just sighed in relief: "Yeah, I guess you've always been the sane one of the family haven't you?"

"If I ever had to cheer and scream for someone, then it would definitely be for you, brother," I wink a smile, "Mitsui Hisashi!!" I shout as I jump up and down running forth.

I look back and he laughs at me and then nods in agreement. He walks upon me and rubs with his hand on my head. "Silly girl."

I feel the blush burning on my cheeks and look up to his grin. He has grown much taller. I have to admit that he looks even cooler than before. Was it the scar?

No, strangely I think it's the sadness and the sorrow in his eyes.

"Come on, let's go." He commands and I follow his big strides.

From somewhere deep in my heart or far away in my thoughts, a strange feeling creeps up. But I can't clearly see what they are. I try to search for an answer but I feel lost in my thoughts. The echo remains but I don't know what caused it.

I try to shake the uneasy thoughts away and keep up with the tall sports man.

"Brother, shall we shoot balls tomorrow? We haven't done that for a long time."

"You mean, after the training?"

"Or before school." I suggest.

"You're such a sleepy head, do you really think that we can make it before school?"

I tell him that we'll just wait and see.

He was right, as most of the times. Actually, we barely made it in time to school as I lied for five more minutes. For five more times...

"I'll see you at the gym," I wave to him and run to the classroom. As I turn back I almost bump into a tall stature, but I stop just in time so that only my hands have to touch him lightly.

"I'm sorry..." As I look up to see familiar cold eyes. But they are a bit different from the ones on the court. Perhaps because these eyes are barely opened...

"Hmn..." Rukawa replies without changing his facial expression at all and walks into his classroom. The girls inside are giggling and blushing as he walks by their seats. I look at the number of the classroom. Number 10.

I slowly walk to mine. Number 9. During class I can't help but think that on the other side of the wall is the cool rookie.

At the training I silently observe every team member and I write down notable findings. I pay extra attention to my brother and this Super Rookie. I cannot believe he's just a rookie. Regarding his dribbling technique I think only Miyagi-senpai has a faster dribble. That must have cost him years and years of training. He truly is amazing.

Ayako-san and I have trained ourselves to shut down from the loud cheering from the side line so that we can properly do our work. But on the other hand I understand why these girls are so totally crazy about him. Perhaps everyone is stunned by his play, even Sakuragi, who just won't admit.

Suddenly I hope to talk to him, someday. I mean not the "hi-bye" thing, but really having a conversation. I'm not one of those girls who adore him and faint in his presence, but there's something about him that I want to find out. I haven't figured out what yet.

Or maybe I have, but I don't believe it yet... Because, is it really the same sadness and sorrow in Rukawa's eyes that I also see in my brother's?

~~ There were no lies between me and you. You said nothing of what you knew, but there was still something in your eyes left me helpless and paralyzed. ~~

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