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May 20, 2018 - 07:19 PM

Slam Dunk Characters on Each Other

Haruko on Sakuragi:
"He doesn't know much about basketball, but maybe one day... he'll become the savior of the basketball team!! That's Sakuragi!"

Haruko on Rukawa in junior high:
"In that game, Rukawa was guarded by three players, but he still managed to make four dunk shots and defeated us!! He had scored 51 points all by himself."

Mito Yohei on Rukawa:
"This is the first time that I see that someone is still able to stand on his feet after getting punched by Sakuragi with all his power..."

Rukawa on the superior Sawakita:
"This is perfect. He is really strong."

Kiyota on his rival Rukawa:
"Rukawa that guy passed the ball.. The guy who thinks he's the ruler of heaven and earth is willing to pass?!"

Voice over on Mitsui:
"Mitsui probably won't remember what is going to happen in the next 10 minutes... but his every shot will be clearly noted on the scoring form. And the thrill he causes will be marked in everyone's memory..."

Moroboshi, Maki and Doumoto on Sakuragi's rebounding:
"That jumping height!!"
"Not just the height, also..."
"The speed!!"

Akagi on friend and foe Mitsui:
"He really has an amazing feeling and instinct for the game. Mitsui Hisashi."

The audience on Miyagi:
"He's so fast!! His speed is like the lightning!!"

Ikegami on younger teammate Sendoh:
"In his second year he realized the fun of passing the ball and changed his playing style... But as a rookie he was a motivated scorer. Do you remember that, Akagi? That guy got 47 points by himself---!!"

Sendoh on his biggest challenger Rukawa:
"Playing one-on-one with him really is fun! Burning desire to win... Never giving up will power... Also possessing the best scoring ability of the district... "

Kainan's headcoach Takato on his star player Maki:
"You're plus point is your hunger for victory, but never arrogantly overestimating yourself. Standing on the top of the hill, you're the one who wants victory the most... You're still no.1 this year!"

Sannoh's Matsumoto on Mitsui:
"How is this possible? He can't even stand straight, how is he able to hit three-pointers?"

Mitsui on teammate Rukawa:
"This guy always thinks he's the best, he's annoying, he doesn't like to talk and he has no respect for others, but he really is strong."

Maki on point guard Miyagi:
"As a point guard he has really improved himself a lot."

The audience on Rukawa:
"He made a mid-air fake!! He jumped up nearly 1 metre!! Is he really a highschool student?!"

Ryonan's headcoach Takatoh on Kogure:
"I shouldn't have underestimated him. He has been fighting for three years as well."

Sawakita Tetsu on his son Eiji:
"It may sound strange to others, but Eiji's basketball life has been rather boring so far."

Sannoh's headcoach Doumoto on Mitsui:
"His shooting technique is very good, I hope you guys will learn from it."

Ryonan's headcoach Taoka on his ace player Sendoh:
"Sendoh is a player who has the potential to become even stronger than Maki. I strongly believe that."

Ryonan's headcoach Taoka on Fujima:
"If Fujima chose to be a coach or just a player, the result of this game would possibly be different."

Maki on Toyotama's Minami:
"Minami Tsuyoshi --- Everyone calls him Ace Killer."

Coach Anzai on Akagi:
"Everybody has fear before the match. If one can face it and not run from it, then after overcoming this mental fear one can get back to his best condition. It's indeed Akagi, he has already conquered it."

Kainan's topscorer Jin on Mitsui:
"His shooting rhythm is very good... He showed a lot of confidence with that last shot. He's that kind of person who can't stop after he hit one. He's my kind."

Kainan's headcoach Takato on Sakuragi:
"I remember very well: one month ago he was only a rookie who knew the lay up and dunk shot!! What kind of magic did Anzai-sensei used on him...?!"

A reporter on Ace Killer Minami:
"Would Minami's poor play be caused by pressure...? We don't know whether he did it on purpose or not, but he did injure that no.11... But that no.11 keeps playing and fighting although his eye is hurt. That causes an invisible pressure on Minami! Ace Killer is just a human being after all..."

Same reporter on Rukawa:
"No.11 Kaede Rukawa is a great player. Every move he makes on the court touches our hearts! I can hardly hold back my tears..."

Maki on his rival Fujima:
"Fujima has a double identity, on the bench he is the coach... And he will control himself and calmly make decisions. However, if he lays down his responsibility as a coach and gets on court, he'll turn from cold to hot and becomes a player on fire!"

Uozumi on teammate Sendoh:
"Unimaginable... Sendoh's words have an unimaginable convincing power... One word of him and the team will be calm again. Frankly, he would be a better team captain than me."

Kogure on his team and Anzai-sensei:
"Anzai-sensei... I finally understand the true meaning of the words you said. Akagi! Mitsui! Miyagi! Rukawa! Sakuragi! Sensei knew all along that when these five exceptional players show their true powers, Shohoku will be a very strong team."

Reporter Aida Yayoi on Rukawa:
"Rukawa... Out of all the rookies he really is very special. But I notice he's too self centered...!!"

Aida Yayoi on Rukawa again:
"I take back what I've said about him... About Rukawa... This kind of performance can't be delivered by a person that's just self centered... He's already ruling the game!!"

Kiyota on his rival Rukawa:
"He's not just an ordinary rookie!! He's Rukawa!!"

Maki on Kanagawa's no.1 center Akagi:
"Akagi, you're the first player who earns my respect!!"

Shoyo's Hanagata on star player Maki:
"Getting inside so decisively and then using his powerful strength to force an entrance. Scoring and getting fouled, gaining three points at once!! That's the major difference between Fujima and Maki! It's the power."

Akagi on Kanagawa's MVP Maki:
"Incredible dribble!! And the urge to hit the basket no matter what... the so called stubborness on victory... The desire for victory!! Is this the power of the one, who can compete with the national teams: Kainan's captain Maki Shinichi?!"

Ayako on sharp shooter Jin:
"This shot was so precize, and so calmly taken... He manages to remain calm in such an exciting match... His shooting technique is like silk, it kind of thrills me!"

Sendoh on freshman Sakuragi:
"His endless energy really is a threat..."

Fujima on Super Rookie Rukawa:
"That shot was so quickly taken: the time from receiving the ball to shooting the ball was so little... If it wasn't luck, than even Sendoh wouldn't be able to stop it."

Maki on Rukawa:
"Rukawa is truly strong."

Mitsui on team mate Rukawa:
"I know very well that he is a player with height and speed, but there’s something more now. Something is growing inside of him and it’s coming out. But still, I will not lose to a junior!"

Anzai on his ace player Rukawa:
"He has a clear goal in mind now and all his uncertainties are gone. That's perfect, Rukawa."

Uozumi on The Genius Sendoh:
"Because I know Sendoh will be leading the team from now on, I can retire without any concerns."

Sakuragi and Miyagi on Mitsui (after his 3-pointer against Rukawa):

Sakuragi on Mitsui and Miyagi:
"Mit-chin has to train his poor stamina so that he can finish an entire game. As for Ryota, he better grow 10cm within a month now!"

Haruko on Rukawa:
"There's only basketball in Rukawa's mind. There has never been any room for me to enter."

Kogure on Mitsui:
"Mitsui will not retire this summer. He has different thoughts. I think he wants to chase the time he wasted."

Anzai on his team:
"You are the strongest."