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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:51 PM

Slam Dunk: Anzai Mitsuyoshi

Name: Anzai Mitsuyoshi
A.k.a.: Shohoku team's coach, White haired Devil, White haired Buddha
Age: about 50 - 60
Birthday: Unknown
Highschool: Shohoku Highschool
Shoe Brand: Adidas
Voice Actor: Nishimura Tomomichi

Family and background:
Anzai-sensei is married to a very lovely woman. Although Anzai doesn't look in shape and not even as a regular basketball player, he was in the national team in his younger years! Then he became the head coach of a college team where a very gifted guy called Yazawa (thanks Allister for telling us the name) played and he saw in him a superstar. He was extremely strict on this guy to shape him up and train his basic techniques. Anzai believed that Yazawa was only depending on his talents during his highschool years, and should pay more attention to his technique, but Yazawa didn't understand Anzai's purpose and hated the trainings. He was sure that he needed a team in which he could freely develop his skills and he believed his future was in the Basketball Kingdom: America. So he left Japan, headed to the States and soon there was no contact anymore. Yazawa didn't have any success and after 5 years since he left he died in a car accident at the age of 24 (he had probably taken drugs).

At the funeral Yazawa's mother gave Anzai a letter that his son had written but never mailed. He wrote: "Anzai-sensei, the words you used to say to me often appear in my mind lately. 'The team doesn't exist for you, it's you who exists for the team.' Nobody here is willing to pass me the ball. I'm sorry for all the trouble that I caused you and the team, so I can't return to the team right now. I'll pracitise really hard to improve my skills, until the day that my skills are good enough to pay you back what I owe you. The Basketball Kingdom America... I feel that I can jump higher breathing its air..." In that same year Anzai resigned from his position as coach of the college team. This all happened about 10 years ago.

Special abilities:
Anzai-sensei is a marvelous strategist, he knows the game very very well and also understands his players. He knows exactly how to stimulate his players to get the best out of them. Besides, he was player of the national team, so we have to believe that Anzai was a fantastic player! We can still see that his jump shot is very good when he was instructing Sakuragi. The other top coaches have much respect for this guy, so there is no doubt that he's very capable as a player and as well as a coah.

Special features:
His white hair and fat body... And also is infamous laugh: Ho..Ho..Ho. (Yeah, he doesn't only look like Santa, he also laughs like him...)

Anzai-sensei is a very calm and easy going person, he used to be a severe and frightning man, but his life changed after he found out that the youngster he expected so much from left the team to go to America. He couldn't let go of the expectations and dreams he had on him, that's why Anzai-sensei still can't leave the game behind him. But with Rukawa and Sakuragi in his team, he feels that his dreams can still be fulfilled. Anzai is respected by a lot of players and coaches for his performance as a player, but also for his ever calmness to analyze the game.

AnimeAnalyze's opinion:

Rukie: Anzai is a very good coach, he knows very well how he should stimulate his players. Sometimes with only one question (vs Shoyo) and sometimes some good critisism (vs Toyotama). I think you could really see his tactical ability in the games vs Kainan and Sannoh. I think he really understands his players, and I'm not just talking about the players' abilities, but also their personalities. The other coaches are basically just busy training their players but Anzai takes time to talk and understand.

Vincent: Anzai is just the coolest guy around :P His appereance might be silly, but he is definitely the most intelligent basketball player in the series. His strategy can turn the table to their side, even when it looks like it's all over already.

Rukie: Anzai's wife told Rukawa about her husband's past and also that he is very excited about him and Sakuragi. I think that the excitement has to do with his memories for Yazawa, who left the team for America, where he died in a car accident. It's pretty sad that things turned out that way, but I guess we should be happy that he was around to stop Rukawa leaving the team for the States. I don't believe that Rukawa would end up like that, simply due to his personality, but if he left we wouldn't have seen those great moments of him in the IH games!!

Vincent: I think that the dream of a coach is to find talented players and train them to become even better players. I strongly believe that Anzai has the same plans for Sakuragi and Rukawa. Anzai now knows what he did wrong, and he won't make the same mistake again. I think Sakuragi and Rukawa are very lucky too to have such a good coach.

AnimeAnalyze's memorable moments:

Rukie: The moment he entered the court while the team is in a fight with Mitsui's gang, Mitsui broke down in tears and told him that he wanted to play basketball again. Anzai-sensei didn't do much, but he just made the marvelous shooter Hisashi Mitsui return to the team! And we all know how important Mitsui has been to the team.

The part about his past, I haven't thought that Anzai-sensei had such a tragic experience. He will always carry those regrets with him and suffer from the guilt, but I think Shohoku is the most important thing on his mind right now. Maybe he'll be relieved from all the pain of guilt someday by Shohoku.

Vincent: Anzai doing his warming up, that was hilarious :P

AnimeAnalyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "Don't ever give up hope until the very last moment. If you give up the game is already over."

"You are very strong!"

"Remember, the team doesn't exist for you, it's you who exists for the team!"

"Rukawa, I know this is hard for you, but you have to come up with something. You're the only one who can do it."

"Yazawa, can you see it? Here is someone who can surpass you... There are even two at this moment."

Vincent: "I said: COME OVER HERE!!!!!."

"Yes, this is the ONE." Sakuragi grabbing one of his most beautiful rebounds

"Ho ho ho!"