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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:44 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Genkai Tech

Genkai is a master in martial arts, her Rei Kou Ha Do Ken is feared by many. But she remains a human and eventually she will die, that's why she held a martial arts tournament, to find a worthy successor, worthy enough to receive the secrets of her powerful technique.

Here are the techniques Genkai uses in the Anime (and Manga) which require reiki.

Name : Rei gan
Kanji : 靈丸
AA - Translation : Spirit Gun
Funimation : Tell us

Although it's not known, but I'm pretty sure this is the first technique Genkai learned, cause it's simply the easiest to learn. Principe is the same, gather reiki at the tip of the right forefinger, and then unleash that power while the hand is forming a gun. Simple but very very effective. Genkai used it to show Yusuke how powerless he is and she used it against Toguro.


Name:Rei Kou Ha
AA - Translation:Spirit Light Wave/Pulse
Funimation: Tell us

Genkai used it during the qualification match on the boat to the Ankoku Bujutsukai. She only used it one time and knocked out 10 enemies! Reiki gathered in her right fist like a whirlpool and unleashed an unrivaled fury of hits.


Name: Shu no Ken
Kanji: 修之拳
AA - Translation: Fist of Discipline
Funimation: Tell us

This is one skill Yusuke probably hasn't learned (yet?) from Genkai. This technique is the softest of all in the Rei Kou Ha Dou Ken, it will banish the evil and cleanse the soul, reviving the good in a person's body. Genkai used this in the battle against Team Dr. Ichigaki to save the three martial artists who were possessed by Ichigaki.

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Name: Rei Kou Kyou Han Sou
Kanji: 靈光鏡反衝
AA - Translation: Spirit Light Mirror Counterattack
Funimation: Tell us

Probably Genkai's most memorable technique, she used it in the battle against Shishiwakamaru. Another technique she haven't taught Yusuke (yet?). This technique won't consume the reiki of the user, but absorbs energy from another source and turns it into the user's ki. A powerful and lethal technique. Probably Genkai's last thrump card.

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Name: Ju Rei Jou - Shu no Gyo
Kanji: 呪靈錠 - 修之行
AA - Translation: Enchanted Spirit Shackels - Path of the Training
Funimation: Tell us

Ju Rei Jou is another training of Genkai. She gave this to Yusuke, right before his ultimate test. It's actually a tool to enlarge the user's reiki capacity. It's part of the Rei Kou Ha Do Ken training.

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Name: Rei Kou Gyoku
Kanji: 靈光玉
AA - Translation: Spirit Light Jade/Gem
Funimation: Tell us

Yusuke's final test to obtain Genkai's powers. Genkai put all of her power into a energy ball. The one who can succesfully inherit this energy orb, is the successor of the Rei Kou Ha Do Ken.

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