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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:44 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Genkai Tournament

Genkai, the famous wielder of the Rei Kou Ha Dou Ken is holding a contest to choose a successor.

A big event and Yusuke is competing for it as well. He isn't really at this event for the place of the successor, but to capture a dangerous youkai named Rando.

Name : Kazemaru
Kanji : 風丸

Kazemaru is one of the contest takers. He is a professional bodyguard and he uses ninja techniques. He calls himself a modern ninja.

Kazemaru showed in the karaoke test that he has very high amount of reiki. Because of this he can use the following technique very well.

Name : Reiki Hou
Kanji : 靈氣砲
AA - Translation : Spirit Cannon
Funimation : Tell us

Reiki Hou uses the same principes as Yusuke's Reigan. Kazemaru focusses his reiki into the palm of his hand and fires it to his opponent.

Kazemaru used this in his first drop-out match. He defeated his opponent Kuroda with one blast of this technique. At that time it was stronger than Yusuke's Reigan.

Name : Musashi
Kanji : 武蔵

Musashi is a swordsman and uses kendo, The Way of the Sword. He has a fourth dan in it. Musashi elimanates evil spirits with its bokutou, wooden sword/blade. He is a skilled fighter, he can even control his reiki in a way to hide his presence.

Musashi lost to Kuwabara and his new found weapon, the reiken.

Name : Shin Batto Ryu: Kou Shi Ken
Kanji : 真抜刀流光子劍
AA - Translation : True Unsheated Blade Style: Photon Sword
Funimation : Tell us

The blade Musashi uses is made of a Holy Tree (He chopped down a Holy Tree to make a sword out of it?!) and dipped it into Holy Water. After that the sword has some kind of awareness for evil things. The perfect weapon to vanguish youkai.

He assembles reiki into his sword and because the blade itself possesses reiki as well, this technique will become even stronger. Each hit of the sword has a powerful impact on the target.

Name : Kibano
Kanji : 牙野

Kibano is a martial arts specialist. He trains himself by challeging his physcial limits.

In his fight against Yusuke, he used a mask to isolate his senses. And focused so he could locate his opponent in the dark. But still he lost to Yusuke.

Name : Dai Wan Kou Baku Shou
Kanji : 大腕硬爆衝
AA - Translation : Big Arm Breaking Rush
Funimation : Tell us

Reiki is gathered in the arm to enlarge the muscles. Then Kibano charges to the target and hit it with full force.

Name : Zan Tou Senpuu Geki
Kanji : 斬投旋風撃
AA - Translation : Slice Throwing Tornado Attack
Funimation : Tell us

A grapple move. Kibano grabs the arm of the opponent and swings its opponent above his head. And then throws it away. The victim will crush down while spinning like a little tornado. Seems very very painful...

Name : Rando
Kanji : 亂童

Rando is wanted youkai with a quite impressive CV. He defeated 99 reiki users and stole their techniues. Rando is after his 100th victim and technique: Genkai and her Rei Kou Ha Dou Ken

Rando is a vicious youkai, who likes to tortue and kill. He has high youki and knows a lot of techniques, making him a very very tough opponent to beat.

Name : Henkei
Kanji : 変形
AA - Translation : Transformation/Shapeshifting
Funimation : Tell us

Rando entered the Tournament as Shorin (少林), a junior student in martial arts. His second match against Kuwabara was the first time you can see Shorin in action. His speed and power weren't great. Kuwabara could easily avoid his attacks and countered him.

Still he managed to beat Kuwabara, but against Yusuke, Shorin wasn't enough. Rando needed his true appearance at that moment.

Name : Ka Shou Happa Ken
Kanji : 火掌発破拳
AA - Translation : Fire Palm Blasting Punch
Funimation : Tell us

One of the skills Rando stole from its victims. Youki is gathered in the hands and changed into fire. When thrown towards the opponent, they will take the shape of balls.

Name : Zan Kuu Reppuu Jin
Kanji : 斬空裂風陣
AA - Translation : Air Slicing Storm Formation
Funimation : Tell us

Another stolen skill. The surrounding air is manipulated by moving air (aka wind) using reiki, so that vacuum occurs. This vacuum works like an invisible blade and cuts through almost anything.

Name : Juso
Kanji : 呪詛
AA - Translation : Curse
Funimation : Tell us

An enchanting spell cast upon the enemy. The user will speak the words which makes this spell effective. Once the victim hears all of the words, the victim will reduce in size until it matches something like the size of a mouse.

The curse is reversible by speaking some words. Although this is a very powerful spell, it has its weaknesses. First, it takes time to complete the whole spell. Second, the victim must hear all the words, or else the spell will backfire to its user.

Name : Youki no Ito
Kanji : 妖氣之絲
AA - Translation : Threads of Youki
Funimation : Tell us

Some youkai can produce threads inside their bodies and use them as rope. Rando used it on Yusuke and demonstrated that the thread won't break.

Rando spits the thread out from its mouth. When he has enough thread, he grabs the threads so it will form one thick thread to wrap the opponent.

Name : Makai Gyo
Kanji : 魔界魚
AA - Translation : Makai Fish
Funimation : Tell us

Rando is capable of summoning Fish from Makai. He claims that those are his pets. These fish are ferocious and meat is there most beloved food. Especially rarely seen human flesh.

Rando tied Yusuke above a lake full of these monsters and they were hungry too...

Name : You Gan
Kanji : 妖丸
AA - Translation : Demon Gun
Funimation : Tell us

Rando possesses some highly sense and understanding of techniques, that's why he could mimic Yusuke's Rei Gan afer only seeing it once. Since Rando uses youki, his version should be called You Gan.