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May 20, 2018 - 07:17 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Urameshi Yusuke

Name: Urameshi Yusuke
A.k.a.: Rei kai tantei (Rei kai detective), Eugene
Place of origin: Ningenkai
Age: 14 (16 at the end of the series)
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
School: Sarasaki High
Voice Actor: Nozumu Sasaki

Family and background:
Yusuke is a bad highschool student and a delinquent feared by many in the neighborhood. He lives with his mother Atsuko who is a alcoholic and not a let's say very usual housewife... It's unknown who the father is. Keiko grew up with this bad boy and they form a very sweet couple, although they don't really admit it till the end of the series. After his unexpected death, Yusuke (in his spirit form) must do good deeds to return to the human world and to get another chance to live. During the separation of body and spirit Yusuke learns more about his mother, his rival Kuwabara and himself. At last Yusuke succeeds to revive and becomes the Rei kai detective, which he doesn't tell Keiko, afraid to involve her in his dangerous missions. He meets the youkai thieves Kurama and Hiei in one of his missions and becomes friends with these enemies. Soon he becomes the pupil of the infamous Genkai (with much luck though) who teaches him more than just martial art. After the Ankoku Bujutsukai (Dark Tournament of Martial Arts) he has to save Ningenkai from the plans of former Rei kai detective Sensui, but Yusuke dies in this mission. This time he resurrects by himself, the surprising factor is: Yusuke has demonic blood streaming in his body! After he killed Sensui he decides to go to Makai to meet the youkai who gave him the demonic blood, his 'father': War God Raizen.

Special abilities:   Click here to read more
Genkai taught him Rei Kou Hadou Ken (Spirit Light Wave Fist Fighting Technique). His most powerful technique is the Rei Gan (Rei Gun), he concentrates his ki from his whole body to his finger and fires it as a gun. Other powerful special techniques are Rei Kou Dan (Spirit Light Bullet), Rei Kou Ha (Spirit Light Wave aka Shotgun). But Yusuke is a very talented fighter and has an average score in every category of abilities.

Special features:
His tough-as-rock head. His hair cut, Yusuke mostly uses gel in his hair. Yusuke also has a quite handsome face and beautiful big brown eyes. When he transforms to his demonic form he'll get long hair and several demonic tattoos/tints over his body.

Yusuke is a energic, talkative, funny and happy-go-lucky guy. He loves to fight strong opponents. Even his enemies have respect for this Rei kai detective for his tolerant and cool attitude. He definitely isn't the role model of school boy, but he is a very nice guy who will do anything to protect his loved ones and his friends. Can be very funny but also deadly serious at times.

Anime Analyze's opinion:

Rukie: You can say that Yusuke is a standard character with a cliché personality: energetic, not the smartest of all, strong and respect gaining from his opponents. But I have to admit that his attitude is very chilling. He knows that he doesn't have brains like Kurama, so he never tries to pretend to be smart, he just follows his instincts. In Makai he endangered the whole Ningenkai by starting that Makai Tournament, but he isn't a strategist and didn't know a better way, so he chose the way he knew most about: fighting.

Vincent: Yep, the most ancient rule, survival of the fittest. Like the way you said it, strong but not smart. Well, I should say not the smartest. Cause he is just not the smartest, and not dumb or something. Yusuke is not a standard hero, he will just do what he wants. Even if it means it will have catastrophic consequences.

Rukie: The unexpected twist in the Yu Yu Hakusho story must be the second time Yusuke resurrects. Who had thought that the main character & Rei kai detective is a youkai?! Which also implies that humans can't be that strong, it's always the youkai who rule and humans are just pathetic beings believing that they are superior. I think that's a really nice thought: humans are not alone in this world, they may even know, but refuse to believe that.

Vince: Another example of a very good plot! I think that there is a lot of philosophical issues in the plot, which makes it very interesting to think about. Like, if Puu is the personification of Yusuke what kind of personality did Yusuke have before he changed into a youkai? :P

Anime Analyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: The second time he dies. His friends got so angry that their powers increased incredibly. It reflects how important their friendship was, they are all relative cool guys who won't talk about such topics, but actually they care a lot about each other. Anyway, the special force was sent to kill him and that leads us to a very funny scene: Yusuke resurrects and pretends to be evil, frightens the special force and when they run away, he makes SO damn funny faces to show that he is still the Yusuke of always.

Vince: When Puu came out of it's egg and sat on Yusuke's head. Yusuke expected a terrible monster, but then he saw Puu on his head, the face he made is soooo funny. :P

Rukie & Vince: Also very memorable is the scene he develops a ki that is neither reiki nor youki, and not even Saint Light ki Sensui used, it's a combination of his reiki and youki. He thinks about all his friends and loved ones he fights for. The thing that makes this scene so special is also the bgm.

Another one is when his teacher Genkai is killed by Toguro, his sadness made him wanna give up, but at last he gained his powers to fight Toguro in the finals. Before the finals, he fired a huge Rei Gun in the sky hoping it will reach his teacher in Rei kai.

Anime Analyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "You think you can predict what my next move is?! Look at this, I dare to swear you didn't expect this one coming: men's 100m swimming freestyle!!"

Rukie & Vince: "GIVE IT ALL YOU"VE GOT!!!!! REIGUN!!!!"