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Jun 22, 2018 - 01:26 AM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Kuwabara Kazuma

Name: Kuwabara Kazuma
Place of origin: Ningenkai
Age: 14 (16 at the end of the series)
Height: almost 6 ft.
Eye color: brown
Hair color: orange red
School: Sarasaki High
Voice actor: Chiba Shigeru

Family and background:
It's unknown who his parents are, he lives with his older sister Shizuru, whose Rei Kan ability might even be stronger than his. Kuwabara is just like Yusuke a bad student who always gets into trouble, they both like fighting, but Yusuke appears to be much stronger every time.. Kuwabara wants to defeat Yusuke so badly and is so excited to fight him that he gets into another fight as soon as he's recovered from his injuries. However, they become close frieds with much respect for each other.

Special abilities:   Click here to read more
Rei Kan abiltiy, which means he has keen senses for different kinds of ki. He can concentrate his ki into his hand and forms the ki to a sword. In Sensui's story we know that Kuwabara has the ability to form the Dimension Sword that can destroy the last barrier between Ningenkai and Makai.

Special features:
His more than special hair cut. His talkativeness aka big mouth. And of course his Rei Ken (Spirit Sword).

Kuwabara probably is the less intelligent person of the four main characters. But on the other hand he might have the purest heart of the foursome. He also is the less cruel of all, maybe because of the four main chara he's the only human... Kuwabara is also a very loyal friend who values friendship a lot. He can be really sweet, just look how sweet he is towards Yukina.

Anime Analyze's opinion:

Rukie: I don't know what I should say about Kuwabara, I don't like brainless characters. But I know that it's often important for the series that there are different kinds of personalities, and someone as Kuwabara is actually just a standard character in many anime series. There isn't much to say about him, he doesn't have an outstanding role, nor does he have outstanding skills or great looks.

Vincent: Like Hiei said, the clown of the party. His powers do not really excel. Personality is also not very interesting.

Rukie: Anyway, Kuwabara's role as Yusuke's friend and foe is a nice one. Especially, when he wanted to defeat Yusuke so badly, but Yusuke didn't even remember his name. He made a complete fool of himself, but for some reason that was funny. Then the hostility turned into a close friendship in which actions say more than words. Two important moments of their friendship were: 1 when Yusuke thought Toguro killed Kuwabara and made his powers incline and 2 when Sensui killed Yusuke and Kuwabara still talked to the dead body as he hoped that Yusuke would be just pretending.

Vince: I think that's his only function, being a mental support to the other characters.

Rukie: I feel really sorry for him, but I don't think that Yukina will love him. I mean she does care about him and appreciate him being around, but I can't believe that Yukina will fall in love with him, although he is so nice and caring towards her.

Anime Analyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: I liked the scene he punched Yusuke for not telling him that Genkai had passed away. He felt so stupid because everyone seems to know about it except for him. But actually, Yusuke hadn't told because he still couldn't believe the truth of Genkai's death and even expected her to come back anytime.

Rukie & Vince: The scene that he couldn't believe that Yusuke was really killed by Sensui. His sadness was enormous, which made him conquer the Dimension Sword finally.

Anime Analyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "Please don't hate all humans."

Vince: I got the feeling I'm gonna win. (Then read my Hiei's fav. line :P)