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May 20, 2018 - 07:06 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Kurama

Name: Minamino Shuichi
A.k.a.: Romantic Soldier, Dennis
Place of origin: Ningenkai
Age: 15 (17 at the end of the series)
Eye color: green
Hair color: red
School: Meiou High
Voice Actor: Megumi Ogata

Family and background:
When he was chased by a Rei kai Hunter and got injured, Kurama (in his fox form) fled to Ningenkai and his spirit combined with that of the unborn baby of Shiori Minamino. Later he was born as Shuichi Minamino, his human mother loved him with all her heart and taught the once so cold hearted Kurama what human love is. Kurama who actually wanted to return to Makai as soon as he regained his powers learned how to love and to care and found himself unable to leave his mother. So he stayed to take care of her. When she got sick and couldn't be treated he decided to join Hiei and Gouki to steal the three Rei kai artifacts to save her life. And so he met Yusuke, who saved his life as he wanted to sacrifice his own life to save his mother's. At the end Shuichi lives with his mother, stepfather and little brother.

Kurama and Hiei met each other when Kurama was in junior high. You may not believe it but Kurama had short hair! Although Hiei probably will never admit, they are close friends, know a lot about each other and even understand each other.

Special abilities:   Click here to read more
He has the ability to control plants and to evoke makai plants. He also can make lethal weapons out of plants. He has many special techniques, like the Rose Thorn Whip and the Attack with Flowers in the Wind. A minor detail: he can also read someone's lips.

Special features:
His long red hair, his big green eyes, his elegance and his intelligence... For some reason people mistake him for a girl.

He is a very nice person who smiles a lot, but nobody can tell who and what is behind this smiling face. Kurama is an extremely intelligent person, he thinks even a few steps more ahead than a normal person and will never let others know what he is thinking.. Even in the most difficult situations he manages to stay calm and think about the best solution. He will transform into Youko whenever he is in great danger and when he gets mad.

Anime Analyze's opinion:

Rukie: Kurama is definitely my fav character. I love his intelligence and ever calmness, he is not just a fighter, he is a strategist. During his 'fight' against his fellow student Kaito, we can see that strength and muscles are nothing in this match, brains are what it's all about. And in the last story it was proved again that a strategist could be more essential than a warrior. I think he is the most complex character of YYH. He has a dark past he wants to leave behind, but his strong powers are part of that past, so at last he even gives up those powers to start a life as a human.

Vincent: Yep Kurama is very special. Most of the time the character is very strong but not bright and vice versa. And for those who think plants are just stupid weak futile garbage, think again...

Rukie: Yeah, think again. You know, I think I just have a weak spot for guys with long hair and a past he rather wants to forget. Kurama's past is confusing him and I think he actually wants to hide his past and doubts for his friends, he might even hide his true feelings to not show any weaknesses.

Vince: I think, his weakness is his care about his family. On the other side, it's also the source of his power. He'll do everything to protect his family. Sometimes I think Kurama is too nice to be a killer, maybe because of his wellshaped face?

Rukie: I think Kurama can be the most ruthless killer of the four of them. If you push him to the edge, he'll make you suffer... No matter how nice he looks like, I think he is the most dangerous of them, because of his extreme intelligence. This is really an interesting character, for he has two different personalities. One that makes him so friendly and easy to approach and another one that makes him so cool and so superior. I remember when he was in Makai, he called his mother to say that he was okay and that she has no need to worry about him, but actually that was just a few moments before his fight against Shigure, in which he almost got killed. Man, does he has a double life or what?!

Vince: Eh, I think so...

Rukie: I don't understand why some people mistake Shuichi Minamino for a girl, okay, so he is too damn handsome for a guy, he is elegant and he has beautiful long hair, but I think he still has the aura of a boy. Anyway, I don't hate you for making this mistake, so don't be mad or afraid. :P

Vince: Maybe too handsome to be a guy, but not pretty enough to be a girl. That makes him a not guy, not girl?! But think again, not all girls are very pretty...

Rukie: Vince, what is your point exactly? How dare you to call Kurama a not-boy and not-girl?! Do you know that he is damn popular at his school, not only for his good grades but also for his looks and personality. All the girls like/love him, and several clubs want him to join them to attract more (female) students as members!

Well, I guess this is our biggest problem: Vince and I never have the same favorite character...

Anime Analyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie: Firstly, the first time he transforms into Youko Kurama. Man, Youko looks so wicked cool!!

Then, all the other times that he transforms into Youko Kurama!

The moment that he changes back to his human form during the match vs Shigure. That was the moment he decided to leave his evil and confusing identity behind. Not a very important moment in the series, but definitely one in his life.

The scenes in which he teases Hiei are also very funny, they also show that they actually are good friends. But Hiei's frustrated face is SO funny!

And last but not least his fight against Karasu, who got obsessed with Kurama. Kurama lost this fight, but he killed Karasu and almost died himself.

Vince: Well pretty much the same as Rukie have mentioned above.

Anime Analyze's favorite line:

Rukie: "I'll never give up the things I have. Never."

"The victim cannot escape from the tree of hallucination till the day he dies. But you keep coming back from the dead... It will never end. But that's good, because you don't even deserve to die."

Name: Youko Kurama
A.k.a.: Silver Fox, Dennis
Place of origin: Makai
Age: 1000+
Height: about 7 ft.
Eye color: golden brown
Hair color: silver

Family and background:
Youko's closest friend and companion was Kuronue who died during one of their robberies in Makai. Kurama is still quite upset about his best friend's death, the feeling which the enemies of the second YYH movie took advantage of.

Kurama was also the leader of a group of thieves, his second mate was Yomi who would later become one of the three most powerful youkai in Makai, but Yomi was a ruthless and brainless fighter who didn't want to listen to the much smarter Kurama. When Yomi ran his own group of thieves and let many loyal followers die by acting on instinct instead of thoughts, Kurama sent an assassin to kill him, but this assassin failed and only blinded him, which he probably regretted, because the later so powerful Yomi tortured him until the day he died.

Special abilities:   Click here to read more
Just as the human form of Kurama, he has the ability to control plants and to evoke makai plants (much easier though). Youko Kurama is much stronger than his human form. His white clothes are not just ordinary clothes, they are materialized youki and have defensive purposes, just like Sensui's.

Special features:
His long silver hair, fox ears, fox tail, white youki and icy glare.

Youko Kurama is a ruthless killer and also an extremely intelligent strategist. In Makai the youkai still fear him.

Anime Analyze's opinion:

Rukie: I think many people prefer the fox form of Kurama. But I think I'm indifferent, both are the intelligent strategist with a certain mysterious attractiveness. I think many think he is a monster for killing his former ally for just being stupid, but I think Kurama is someone who'd rather destroy something he loves or likes with his own hands than seeing someone else doing that. You think this sounds kinda familiar? Yes, it sounds a bit like a less extreme form of Karasu's theory. Maybe that's the reason why Kurama wants to defeat Karasu so badly. Well, one because Karasu freaks the hell outta him by touching him and implying he's in love with him. And two because his theory sounds much like his own former attitude. And we know that Kurama is rather confused by his past, right?

Vincent: Hey Youko used my color! Oh wait, mine is better :p Yes, I think too Kurama is confused by his alterego. Every time he changes into his superior form, he senses the almost unstoppable urge to kill. So far Shuichi Minamino could control it, but for how long? He decides to be Shuichi Minamino forever, and let go of the coldhearted, but more powerful Youko.

Rukie: I think Kurama is afraid of his own identity, his past as Youko confuses him. He once said that every time he transforms to Youko, he felt a restless propensity to kill. And I think that Shuichi's personality changed Kurama so much that he felt he couldn't handle his original feelings. Besides, Youko must still have a lot of youkai enemies and he doesn't want to put his family into a dangerous position, so that's another reason he wants to close the Youko chapter.

Youko has the coolest looks of the series, his silver hair and fox tail are so great looking! He gives me the impression that he is more confident than Shuichi is. Maybe because he IS stronger in fact, but I think it's his complete attitude that is so chilling. Shuichi's elegance may seem a bit girlish, but Youko's elegance is much cooler. (I don't know how to explain that feeling, but if you know Gundam Wing, I can say he has the same aura as Treize has.)

Anime Analyze's memorable scenes:

Rukie & Vince: You don't see Youko very often in the series, so all his scenes are memorable!

Anime Analyze's favorite line:

Rukie & Vince: "Becoming its target has only one result: Bang..."