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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:45 PM

Yu Yu Hakusho - Shi Sei Juu

The Shi Sei Juu (四聖獣 : Four Holy Beasts) were banned to a castle by Reikai because of their tremendous power.

Genbu, Byako, Seiryuu and Suzaku. Each of them possesses unique abilities and power, making them feared by both youkai and ningen. Read more about their techniques in these pages.

Name : Genbu
Kanji : 玄武

Let's start with Genbu.
Genbu was the first of the Four Yusuke's team had to beat. Genbu looks a little like an Ankylosaurus (use Google on it and you will see what I mean :P), both have a thick skin and a dangerous tail.

Genbu has a very special ability, he can move through stone. He can merge by touching stone and move freely through it. This will make Genbu hard to track in a stone room, not even mentioning to land a hit on him. He uses this both offensive and defensive.

Name : Baku Retsu Ganshou Dan
Kanji : 爆裂岩石彈
AA - Translation : Breaking Rock Bullets
Funimation : Tell us

Genbu divides itself into many pieces and 'shoots' them to its opponent. Because of the large number of rocks, it's very difficult to avoid the attack completely. After the attack, Genbu will put itself together again.

This makes Genbu a real nasty opponent, because he can reform itself even when he is cut into tiny pieces. But it has a weakness. Genbu has a special guiding stone which manages the pieces of stone where to go to when reforming. Without it, Genbu can't reform normally. And that leads to very funny situations :P

Name : Byakko
Kanji : 白虎

Byakko is the largest in terms of sheer size of the four and also the most noisy one of the four. Byakko means white tiger, and like the name says, his appearance is a tiger.

Byakko has some handy abilities which makes him a tough opponent to beat.

Name : Bunshin Yajuu
Kanji : 分身野獣
AA - Translation :  
Funimation : Tell us

This ability is similair to Son Goku's from the old Chinese legend Saiyuki.

Both pull out some hair from their bodies and blow them into the air. Each hair will transform into some kind of clone of itself. Son Goku will get little apes. Byakko gets hideous beasts.

Name : Kyuushuu Reiki
Kanji : 吸収靈氣
AA - Translation : Reiki Absorption
Funimation : Tell us

Byakko can aborb reiki from its opponent and make itself bigger.

But he can't absorb reiki without limit. If he is 'full' and he still absorbs more, he will lose all of the absorbed reiki like a blown up balloon.

Name : Meiko Shoukaiha
Kanji : 嗚虎衝壊波
AA - Translation : Roaring Tiger Charged Demolition Wave
Funimation : Tell us

An attack made inside one's body. Particals are gathered inside the body and fire from the mouth. This attack is so powerful, it will vaporize anything that touches it.

Name : Seiryuu
Kanji : 青龍

Seiryuu possesses some incredible youki. Both his attacks and attitude are covered with a freezing coldness. He doesn't care about things like friendship. He cares only for power.

Unfortunately Seiryuu couldn't really show its real potential because he died pretty fast...

Name : Matou Toureiken
Kanji : 魔鬥凍靈拳
AA - Translation : Evil Duel - Freezing Spirit Punch
Funimation : Tell us

A high speed close combat techique. In only a split second, Seiryuu covers his opponent with hundreds of freezing punches. With each punch will cover the victim in ice, rendering the victim helpless and at the mercy of its opponent.

Suzaku has his own page, which can be reached here.