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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:42 PM

Slam Dunk Fanfic ~ Interview with the Genius

AnimeAnalyze (AA): Welcome Sendoh, we're really glad to have you here.

Sendoh Akira: Thanks for having me.

AA: End of the semester, how did your exams go?

Sendoh: Not too bad. I've never been a top student, but never had too much trouble learning either.

AA: What's been the most important moment in your basketball career so far?

Sendoh: I guess it should be the moment that my coach let me play as PG. I had always thought that scoring was the best part of basketball, but Taoka-sensei changed my view on the game very much. I should thank him for opening my eyes.

AA: What's the difference of your position in the team after the switch from forward to guard?

Sendoh: It actually gives me a whole lot more opportunities to play the game. I still score my points, but I am in a position now to create and set up the offensive play. Fukuda is one of the best forwards in this district, I'm glad to have him in my team. He understands my passes.

AA: It's often said that you make your teammates play better. You have the ability to give others the power to exceed their own abilities...

Sendoh: Thank you, that's very flattering.

AA: Erhm, that's it?

Sendoh: Yes.

AA: Do you prefer playing Kainan's Maki or Shohoku's Rukawa?

Sendoh: I can't really compare. Playing them demands different kinds of plays and strategies.

AA: Please do explain.

Sendoh: Maki-senpai is the superior leader. To defeat Maki-senpai you have to defeat his team with the powers of your own team. As for Rukawa, he is an absolutely ruthless offensive player, he does his nick of "The Demon of Offense" justice. To defeat him you have to win the one-on-ones, which is anything but easy. Rukawa grows so strong with every beat of his heart, it's just amazing. But they both are merciless players who won't hold back if they have the opportunity to crush their opponents.

AA: And you? Are you 'a crusher'?

Sendoh: Hm, not in the way they are I think. I do like to score even when we're way ahead, but sometimes I feel there's no need to play at full strength and my body will just adjust to the power I need to beat the opponent.

AA: A lot of fans ask if it's possible to change schools. For example: don't you want to go attend Shohoku?

Sendoh: Okay, I get where this question goes to... I guess being in the same team with Rukawa would be fun. He's probably the best forward a point guard can ask for. But I think playing against Rukawa is the most satisfying for both of us. I think we bring up the best in each other when we challenge one another.

AA: So does it mean, you won't change schools?

Sendoh: No I won't. I have my own team. To me, it's a bigger challenge and satisfaction to beat Shohoku, rather than trying to make them stronger.

AA: Sendoh, we really want you to change schools...

Sendoh: ... Can we go to the next question, please?

AA: As we know, Sawakita and Rukawa have made plans to go The States, the Kingdom of Basketball. Do you plan to follow them?

Sendoh: They have? No, I don't have such plans. Although America is the dream of every basketball player, I don't have plans to leave Japan. I don't have future plans yet, so I might change my mind on this one... Who knows..?

AA: Which player you played with or against do you respect most?

Sendoh: I think that should be Maki-senpai. I think playing him made me rise to another level that I didn't think I would reach so soon. His powerful play, his keen judgments, his undeniable leadership are the great assets that he possesses; assets that most of us can only dream of. But I think Shohoku's Akagi-senpai is also a good example of being both a tremendous player and a great leader.

AA: You really admire them for their leadership, don't you?

Sendoh: Yes, I think so, because being a good player comes down to talent and effort. But being a capable leader has to do with things that you cannot get by effort. Leadership is something that you cannot learn.

AA: Do you consider yourself a good leader of the team?

Sendoh: I think that's not up to me to decide. This judgment should be made by my teammates. But honestly, I think there's still a long road for me to become a true leader.

AA: What is the most memorable score you made?

Sendoh: Hmm, I think the final score in regular time in the Kainan game that took the game into overtime. But honestly, I think there are more unforgettable scores that I should have made and didn't. There were some in the Shohoku game, unfortunately.

AA: That game had cost you the IH ticket. What went wrong in that game?

Sendoh: A game is decided by many factors. A crucial one was probably the abscence of captain Uozumi during the second half. We got too many points down. It was hard to make that up.

AA: Do you blame him for that?

Sendoh: Absolutely not. As I said, a game is decided by many factors. Besides, captain Uozumi had many very decisive moments in our favor as well. Moreover, Shohoku is a very strong team, they caught us in their storm. We didn't have any chance to hit back until the captain returned.

AA: Well, you single-handedly brought the team back from that gap by scoring 18 points in a row.

Sendoh: Single-handedly? I don't see it that way. We did it as a team. Although I scored a lot of points, it was my team that made it possible: my teammates grabbed the rebounds, played defense, passed the ball. We win as a team and we lose as a team.

AA: At last, what would your life look like without basketball?

Sendoh: Sorry, I cannot imagine that. There's nothing that can replace basketball. It's not just a way of doing sports or a lifestyle, it is the air that I breathe... Every part of my body and soul belong to basketball.

AA: Thanks again Sendoh for being here.

Sendoh: No problem. *signature smile*