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Mar 22, 2018 - 12:43 PM

Slam Dunk Fanfic ~ Rookie Sensation

by Rukie

His coolness is freezing the moon,
His looks are shining the stars,
And his skills are blinding the sun.

Like him for his appearance,
Adore him for his abilities,
And love him for his independence.

A basketball in his hand,
Athleticism in his body,
And talent in his veins.

He'll take your breath away,
He'll gain your respect,
And he'll steal your heart.

Victory is his best friend,
Failure is a stranger,
And loneliness is a lost tramp.

Mortals will never come close,
Opponents can never touch him,
Only rivals may look at the Genius.

Call him Super Rookie,
Name him Rookie Sensation,
But after all he is Rukawa Kaede.